5 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Art into Your Interior Home Décor

Have you always been the creative kind? Do you love painting and drawing and being crafty throughout the year? Or, are you simply an admirer? Someone that loves museums, galleries, and search engines of paintings, drawings, and ancient, amazing artworks. Whatever the case, you should consider incorporating your love of art into your interior home décor. Not only is art conducive to a creative mind, it has the ability to uplift, inspire, and motivate.

Paint an Add-On Mural on Your Favorite Wall

Have you ever seen the Disney movie Tangled? In it, Rapunzel has a mural in her bedroom. She adds onto it whenever the creative urge strikes her. Take the hint and do the same with a wall in your home. Decide on a theme, then paint a little at a time as the urge to imagine and create comes over you.

Use Chalkboard Paint to Create a Crafty “Say Anything” Space

Chalkboard paint makes the ultimate “say anything” space. While some households use it for honey-do lists and grocery must-gets, artists can use chalkboard paint for expression whenever the need arises. Chalkboard markers work the best for this kind of thing. You can draw and write whatever you want whenever the creative bug bites.

Frame and Hang Your Own Artworks

If you love the art that you make, then frame it. Hang it up to remind yourself that you are creative, crafty, and strong-minded as an artist. Use lots of colors, make it vibrant and uplifting to your mood, and be sure to sign your name in the bottom corner. Use custom product labels to organize your artworks like in an art gallery.

Make a Wall Collage of Your Favorite Artworks from Others

If youhave lots of artist friends and loved ones, or if you simply love a number of different artists, print up and make wall collages of your favorite drawings, paintings, quotes, and artworks. Line them up in neat rows, layer them corner to corner, or pin them at random. Just display what makes you happy.

Use Splashes of Color in Accents and Décor

It’s been scientifically proven that colors are naturally uplifting and can have a positive affect on your entire mindset. However, these colors can vary from one person to another. Where pink might make you sick, it can be a point of happiness for someone else. And the same goes for every color out there. So, pick your favorites, and use them in décor accents, like throw pillows, blankets, or even flower arrangements on your kitchen table.

Art is meant to evoke thoughts and feelings, but when incorporated into your interior décor, you want those feelings to be relaxation, happiness, and joy. Keep that in mind when choosing the right colors and artworks best-suited to your home.

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